Remember Remember ALL of November

What an amazing month. Like, really. This month we created two amazing things... er, manufactured them rather. First, the long awaited vinyl debut of Recover's seminal EP, CECI N'EST PAS RECOVER and then, our first book release, A MILLION MILES. Both of these wondrous creatures will be in your hands by the month's end. So good. 2015 is right around the corner, let's get weird. 


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A Million Miles -- Let's Kickstart This Party

A Million Miles is a novel written by Amy Fleisher Madden. It is a no-holds-barred coming of age story told with the burgeoning indie/emo music scene of the late ‘90s set as the backdrop. Get in the van and drive around America with Maddy Traeger and her favorite band, Crimson + Clover. This is not a story of arenas with flashing lights and luxurious tour buses; it’s one of dank dive bars and all night drives in a hot-boxed sardine can. This story takes place in a scene that has been chronicled, but never truly exposed. You’ll experience through Maddy’s eyes what it’s really like to tour, and completely surrender your life to the fast moving blacktop that is the road.



Kickstart A Million Miles


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Ceci N'est Pas Recover / VINYL


OK guys. This is it. This is what you wanted. No more emails. No more calls in the middle of the night threatening to leave flaming dog poo on my doorstep... The official release of Recover's seminal EP, Ceci N'est Pas Recover, is finally upon us. We are pressing three versions. Two are available from us, one is available from Fadeaway Records (a non-profit record label) because we've decided to do some good and give back to the musical community through a charity that nurtures young musicians. This EP did so much for all of us when we were young, paying it forward just felt like the right thing to do. Head over to our store to check out which version is right for you...OR you could get all three. 



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AMCo X Fadeaway Records: O Captain! My Captain!

How do you honor, cherish, and pay homage to someone that you've never met that has recently decided — on their own accord — to leave the Earth? There are probably several answers, but for now, we came up with one.

For us, the most outstanding film that Robin Williams made was Dead Poet's Society, because for about two hours we got to pretend that he was our English teacher. He taught us to be bold, to listen, and to SEIZE THE DAY. And we know (trust us, we know) that O Captain! My Captain! is a poem by Walt Whitman, but for US, in that movie, that phrase, that one singular desk topping phase — O CAPTAIN MY CAPTAIN — became about Robin Williams.

When he died and people started posting photos of themselves atop their desks the tears just came flowing, in fact, they're starting again right now. So, it is in honor of Mr. Williams, and that glorious moment that is forever memorialized on film that WE have decided to make this shirt. And in this case, the WE in this situation is Animal Manufacturing Co. + Fadeaway Records.

100% of the proceeds from this shirt will go to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. We hope that you will wear this shirt in memory of Robin, and know that help is out there. Please, please, PLEASE, if you are having a hard time and need someone to talk to know that help is out there. There is no shame in mental illness and there is no good reason for one more beautiful, amazing creature to take their own life.

These will be printed on Next Level Tri-Blend Gray shirts and the handwriting is actually WALT WHITMAN’S own. Which is cool.

*** This is a pre-order, shirts should start shipping by 9/15 ***


Order the Shirt Here

Joshua Hearn.

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AMCo X Linklater T-Shirt

One of our favorite directors is Richard Linklater, and in honor of the third installment of his Jesse and Celine trilogy, we wanted to make one of those "&" shirts that the kids just seem to love so much these days (ha ha). Also, go see his latest film, BOYHOOD, it's a cinematic triumph. 


Click to buy the Linklater Shirt


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