That's The Way We Get By

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Our dear dear FRIEND, Michael Dubin has restarted his record label, Fadeaway Records. You have probably heard about this because the press for it is off the charts, because he's decided to make his label a non-profit where all of the money goes to cancer research. This hits hard for us, as we've lost several family members and friends to this terrible disease. That's why when Mike asked us to be involved in his first new release, FRIENDS, we were over the moon. We've helped out a bit with the behind the scenes creation of the record (we named it) and now we're thrilled to say that we've created the Friends & Family Promotional cover of the LP. If the design looks familiar that's because it's a direct lift from the FleisherQuotes playbook, and this time we added Fadeaway to the byline. If you haven't ordered your copy of FRIENDS yet, please do, as it's the most sonically rewarding charitable donation you can make. As a friend, we thank you.