“Always come back to you, whisper and bump all night." — Always Come Back

What hasn’t been said about Recover? Groundbreaking. Electrifying. Thrashing. Yes, thrashing. The Austin, TX natives have been through the ringer and have come out so much better for it. We’re proud to have released their much-coveted B-sides album, Challenger. Filled with songs from the “This May The Year I Disappear” era, “Challenger” is sure to satiate any die-hard fan’s collection needs.

Recover is an anomaly. Dan Keyes, Robert Man, Ross Tweedy, and Santiago Vela III have all known each other for more than half of their lives. The four of them are the original members, they have never changed their name, and most importantly they have never forgotten where they came from. Let's not call it a miracle, but fortuitous per-se, that this record was released. If not, Challenger quite possibly could have disappeared like itʼs namesake. In addition to the original twelve songs, Challenger features an explosive cover of Nine Inch Nailsʼ “March Of The Pigs,” as well as two new songs, “No Big Deal” and “Clouds Higher Than Any Bird.”




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